November 9 (Monday)

Stock Watchlist


How It Works

This StockWatch consists of a list of companies that I believe have the potential to do well this week.

It is essential I make this clear: Not all these companies are going to go up nor are they likely to.

Rather, I delineate that these companies have the potential to do well if and only if certain conditions occur.

StockTalk is not responsible for any loss or mistakes made by an investor. However StockTalk would love your feedback and help on how to better improve this.

Canopy Growth Corporation

CGC (23.51)

With Biden's election, stocks such as CGS and APHA have a lot of potential given further possibilities of decriminalization.

IShares Canada ETF

EWC (28.21)

Analysts and investors predict that the United States' relation to Canada will better with Biden's elections.

With changes such as lower tariffs and better diplomacy, EWC is a great oppurtunity for the long run.

First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund

QCLN (54.02)

QCLN has been on fire the past few months, up nearly 200%.

With further emphasis on clean energy during Biden's presidency, alternative energy has a tremendous oppurtunity for growth.