November 2 (Monday)

Stock Watchlist


I am extremely sorry for the latest inactivity. I was not able to dedicate enough time on a daily basis for my research, and I did not want to simply give inadequate analysis.


How It Works

This StockWatch consists of a list of companies that I believe have the potential to do well this week.

It is essential I make this clear: Not all these companies are going to go up nor are they likely to.

Rather, I delineate that these companies have the potential to do well if and only if certain conditions occur.

StockTalk is not responsible for any loss or mistakes made by an investor. However StockTalk would love your feedback and help on how to better improve this.

Twitter Inc

TWTR (41.5)

TWTR had a terrible Friday, falling nearly 20% after earnings.

With TWTR touching the 100 EMA, a crossunder would be perceived negatively by investors within TWTR.

I personally beleive TWTR is oversold and should consolidate at $40.00, if not rebound. Making up the loss will not happen quickly, however a green day on Monday would be an ideal start, while a crossunder would signal a sharp red flag.


DKNG (35.41)

DKNG is another company which had a bad week, down nearly 45%.

With earnings in 12 days, the estimates look very bleak.

Unless a news catalyst can cause a massive change, DKNG's downtrend does not seem to be stopping until earnings.

Healthpeak Properties

PEAK (27.00)

PEAK is still in an ascending triangle pattern.

The triangular consolidation makes the pattern even stronger and consistent.

Earnings for PEAK is on Monday. The estimate is .03 per share, however a better result may be the breakout from the pattern.