Week of June 29

Stock Watchlist


How It Works

This StockWatch consists of a list of 9 companies that I believe have the potential to do well this week.

It is essential I make this clear: Not all these companies are going to go up nor are they likely to.

Rather, I dilineate that these companies have the potential to do well if and only if certain conditions occur.

StockTalk is not responsible for any loss or mistakes made by an investor. However StockTalk would love your feedback and help on how to better improve this.

Akamai Technologies

AKAM ($105.40)

You may remember Akamai Technologies from a previous post. It seems that AKAM is coming close to a breakout. Touching its previous resistance, if AKAM where to come up again and break through resistance you may be in for a treat.

However, there is a chance that AKAM may just go back down to its support. Either way this is definitely going to stay in my watchlist for a while.

21Vianet Group

VNET ($24.55)

VNET is a large data center and carrier-neutral internet provider in China.

These past few days have been spectacular for this company, jumping nearly 40% in the past week.

If this company manages to break through the previous high (which it currently is at), then this company may be a long term buy.

BrightSphere Investment Group

BSIG ($11.90)

BSIG is an American investment firm who had a massive spike on Friday, closing nearly 19% higher.

This recomendation may be less oriented on technical analysis. However, the speculation of a buyout offer from the Italian insurance company Assicurazioni Generali SpA has presented the possibility for a catalyst.

Workhouse Group Inc

WKHS ($9.70)

Workhorse Group Incorporated is an American manufacturing company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, currently focused on manufacturing electrically powered delivery and utility vehicles.

WKHS has been in an uptrend for the past month in what seems to represent exponential growth. However, it seems that WKHS may currently be in the process of consolidation and as such may have a breakout if resistance is broken.

This level of resistance has been tested several times and has proved resistant. Thus a breakthrough may be a big win for this company.

AIM ImmunoTech

AIM ($2.65)

AIM is a bio firm engaged in the clinical development of new drug entities for the treatment of seriously debilitating disorders.

AIM has had a good past week and a very good Friday.

It currently also seems to perhaps be in some consolidation, however a breakthrough past $2.90 may make this a promising trade for the week.

Dynavax Technologies Corp

DVAX ($9.09)

DVAX is another company focused on helping find a treatment or vaccine for the COVID pandemic.

This company seems to be another example of a company which has been having almost exponential growth for the past few weeks.

With increasing uncertainty and fear about the next wave and spread of COVID-19, DVAX may be a great trade if it crosses Friday's high.

Tortoise Acquisition Corp

SHLL ($25.42)

SHLL is an acquisition company focused on managing and handling merger, stock exchange, acquisition, reorganization, or other business processes.

SHLL has a phenomenal day on Friday, jumping nearly 35%.

If SHLL can break through its highs on Friday, investors may be able to ride the uptrend.

Sonos Inc

SONO ($15.00)

SONO is an American audio company based in California

SONO had a great day on Friday and once again tested resistance, after which the price quickly dropped.

An uptrend will likely follow a breakthrough past resistance if that were to occur this coming week.


UVXY ($38.35)

UVXY is an interesting choice for this watchlist. UVXY is an etf which tracks twice the performance of the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures Index and provides twice the leverage.

With looming news of the spread of COVID, there is a good possiblity this week will be in the red. As such, such an inverse etf will profit.

If we see UVXY break past $39.00 this week, this may be a very profitable swing trade.