Week of July 6

Stock Watchlist


How It Works

This StockWatch consists of a list of 9 companies that I believe have the potential to do well this week.

It is essential I make this clear: Not all these companies are going to go up nor are they likely to.

Rather, I dilineate that these companies have the potential to do well if and only if certain conditions occur.

StockTalk is not responsible for any loss or mistakes made by an investor. However StockTalk would love your feedback and help on how to better improve this.

This week I decided to incorporate my propietary trading algorithm to help show my predictions and results.

Brookfield Property Partners

BPY ($11.39)

BPY gapped up nearly 12% on the 2nd.

Further good news and upgrades from analysts over the weekend make BPY a good choice.

This is one of the longer term stocks that I have my eyes upon. Of course with any stock, keep an eye on any news or catalyst which may affect the trend.

Broadway Financial Corp

BYFC ($3.09)

BYFC has had a very volatile few weeks.

Friday showed a very consistent uptrend and what seems like a almost logarithmic curve that is flattening.

This may lead to new levels or support and resistance during the week

Watch for any sudden gaps which may occur.

Fuelcell Energy Inc

FCEL ($2.52)

FCEL has been very strong since the start of July.

FCEL may currently be in a process of consolidation.

Watch for a gap up or a breakthrough.

Formfactor Inc

FORM ($31.61)

FORM has had two gap ups in the past week.

On the long term FCEL definitely seems to have a very strong uptrend.

FCEL is again one of the longer term stock I have my eyes upon.

However a bit of caution: the volume on FORM is not very high. There may not bee much liquidity as a result.

Arcimoto Inc

FUV ($6.80)

FUV has been in a killer uptrend since April, a nearly 421% return.

FUV is an electric company which seems to be riding the general uptrend regarding electric vehicles.

This is yet another long term lookout. As the tech sector keeps going up, it's a good bet that FUV will as well.

Genius Brands International

GNUS ($9.09)

GNUS is another stock who has had immense volatility recently.

What seemed to be a “pump and dump” scheme ,GNUS rose 54% on Saturday.

Such an immense growth usually leaves only two solid options: the continuation of a strong trend or quick pullback as investors think the stock is overvalued. I would wait for a break through Friday’s high for confirmation.


NIO ($9.38)

NIO had a massive gap up on Friday.

NIO is another automobile factory and may be benefitting off of Tesla’s success.

This also seems like a great buy for the long term.

Nu Skin Enterprises Inc

NUS ($48.02)

NUS may be a shorter trade.

Having reached its 52 week high, there will be immense resistance.

This is a share I strongly believe has the potential to be shorted (If you do not know what shorting is do not buy this share.)

However, a continuation may be possible tomorrow if we can see a gap up or perhaps a channel up. I think Monday’s movements may better show how the trend is.

Workhorse Group Inc

WKHS ($20.90)

WKHS is back on the list after last week.

The trend has been strong the entire June and as a result I believe there is much more potential for WKHS.

This is going to be a long term look.

EQT Corporation

EQT ($12.66)

EQT has been on a downtrend since the beginning of June.

Last week we saw what might be a rebound and reversal in trend.

Friday was a good day for EQT. However, this is for the longer term and as such sudden volatility spikes should not be have much of an impact this week (assuming you stay disciplined and set up appropriate stop-losses and take profits).