December 22 (Tuesday)

Stock Watchlist


How It Works

This StockWatch consists of a list of companies that I believe have the potential to do well this week.

It is essential I make this clear: Not all these companies are going to go up nor are they likely to.

Rather, I delineate that these companies have the potential to do well if and only if certain conditions occur.

StockTalk is not responsible for any loss or mistakes made by an investor. However StockTalk would love your feedback and help on how to better improve this.


ZM (408.91)

The news of United Kingdom's lockdown and the spread of a new COVID strain has taken its toll on the market. As such, this week is focused on companies that have done well during the pandemic.

Zoom's growth during the pandemic has been unprecedented, and the future of the pandemic will have a drastic affect on the future of ZM.


NVDA (536.69)

NVDA is displaying a very strong symmetrical triangle.

Having done exceptionally well during the pandemic, news throughout the week may provide the potential for a catalyst.

Renaissance Cap Greenwich Funds IPO Etf

IPO (68.14)

Independent of the pandemic, 2020 has been a year for IPOs. Companies such as Dash and Airbnb are just two of the many companies that are not publicly traded.

IPO is an etf that follows recent IPOs. This etf has nearly tripled in the last year. With future IPOs such as Robinhood and Roblox on the way, this IPO has gained interest.